Here, you see the Big Picture of TOP.
Here, you see the Big Picture of TOP.

Welcome to the TOP Structure, a comprehensive approach to continuously improving organizations across technology, product, and organization domains.

The core of the TOP Structure is the TOP Cycle, a continuous improvement process consisting of six core patterns that are applied in sequence: setting a TOP Goal, bringing people together to collaborate on reaching that goal, optimizing energy usage, agreeing on signals to communicate more effectively, using similarity to propagate optimization impact, and adapting actions based on progress towards the goal.

With the TOP Structure, you can achieve significant improvements in quality, quantity, speed, and value, while maintaining a healthy organizational culture and managing capacity effectively.

Whether your organization is just starting out on its improvement journey or is well-established and looking for new ways to optimize performance, the TOP Structure has something to offer. Try it out today and experience the power of continuous improvement for yourself.

"People and Interactions"
are everything!

The TOP Structure maximizes the effectiveness of your company by actively addressing the human factor in knowledge work.

Michael Kuesters

"I wish I had the power contained in the TOP Structure at my disposal when I was first responsible for setting up effective teams. Now, I'm making it available to everyone."

- Michael Küsters, creator of the TOP Structure

Simple and effective

The TOP Structure is a simple, powerful way to boost development effectiveness - regardless of whether that's a single team, multiple teams, a department - or an entire company!

TOP Structure Overview
The TOP Structure is Scale-Free


Tired of having to do one thing at team level, and another with teams of teams?

Unlike "scaling frameworks," the TOP Structure is universal and doesn't force you to switch contexts - the principles and patterns are universal, whatever size you're dealing with.

The TOP Structure is Scale-Free


The TOP Structure respects your culture and people. You retain complete freedom of choice as the TOP structure guides you in creating the best possible structure that works - for you and your people!

All TOP Patterns are neutral to "Agile Frameworks" and industry-specific constraints, and can be applied under all circumstances, in all contexts.

A TOP Structure doesn't require a "Big Bang", "Top Down" or "One Size Fits all" - it shapes organically!

The TOP Structure is all about people
The TOP Structure is Starter Friendly


The TOP Structure has a very modest learning curve, so you can get started right away. You'll find yourself applying the first TOP patterns within minutes!

Our trainings and mentoring will guide you systematically as you build confidence in generating benefits.

The TOP Structure is Starter Friendly

Frequently asked questions

What's new about TOP?

The TOP Structure focuses on the first principle patterns of people's interaction dynamics rather than on methods and practices.

What do I get from TOP?

The TOP Structure offers you powerful practical tools that are easy to apply in your everyday context, which guide you to more effective collaboration.

How can I learn more about TOP?

Browse the "News" section and/or sign up to TOP Structure news on this page, I'll keep you in the loop!



"If you want to improve your own skills, make your organisations more efficient, and focus on what brings real value, I would recommend talking to Michael as he brings the required wow effect that always accelerates your thinking process."

Robert Ronec
Business Agility Coach
at IBM

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Fifteen years ago, when I was new to management, I had no clue how to build a high-performing organization. I mostly acted by gut feel, trial-and-error or trying to copy what others did. Needless to say: that wasn't very effective.
Back then, I wished someone could have shown me clearly what makes or breaks the effectiveness of my people, and what to look out for.

Are you a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, RTE or a manager in an Agile setting, and you're content when your teams can frequently deliver?
That's low-balling!

"A great leader isn't the one who gets average results from great people. A great leader brings normal people to produce outstanding results!"

You must know what and how to change, so you'll get excellent outcomes - in delivery, in how your people feel about the work they do, and how stakeholders feel about your people!

I have created the TOP Structure to address exactly this challenge: now, you too, can learn exactly how to generate tangible improvements that will make you a stellar change agent!

Michael Küsters
Founder of Intelygence GmbH and the TOP Structure